Beans and Toast

I haven’t had beans and toast in what seems like an age. I jumped at the chance when my partner (on a rare occasion of making me something to eat) asked if I wanted some. Once ready I added a few drops of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and drizzled some sriracha mayo for heat. […]

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Vegan Masala

This has to be my favourite curry to make. My better half loves it and it always goes down well. It’s my version of an egg Masala from the book Easy Curries by Jody Vassallo. Obviously, I don’t use eggs and I replace the coconut milk with a coconut based milk alternative because there’s always […]

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Apple pancakes

I thought I would try a variation of my new Bosh! bible’s banana pancakes and try them with apples. That’s the only fruit I had in the house truth be told. Apple, flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, plant-based milk and a wee bit of coconut oil whizzed up in a blender to the desired consistency. […]

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Naturli’ Plant Based Mince

Yesterday I purchased some Naturli’ plant-based mince patties only to be told they had sold out in half a day. I settled on one of the last two packs of mince. Made by the Danish company Naturli’ and sold exclusively through Sainsbury’s in the UK the mince was priced at £3 for 400 grams. I […]

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Bosh! Cookbook

Having accumulated enough points on the I-say survey website I converted them to Amazon vouchers and treated myself to the Bosh! men’s (first?) new book.  The Normal price of the book is £8 for approx 300 pages and is split into eight chapters. Quick Eats Big Eats Show Pieces Greens & Bosh Bowls Small Platters […]

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Trying the No Bull Vegan Burger

More processed goodness to try. The no bull burgers are exclusive to Iceland in the UK. It cost £2.00 for a packet of two ¼ pounders. They weigh approx 113 grams each. They do look like mince burgers but don’t feel the same. The burgers can be cooked from frozen two ways and shouldn’t be […]

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A week in Donegal: Day 2

I awakened this morning to be told that I had had a great nights sleep because I kept my brother awake with my snoring. Lol.  There was no cycling done today but much of the day was spent walking to and from the beach and waters edge. Just past midday, we were joined by our […]

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About myself

Hello. After 18 years of fish being my only animal flesh, I went back to eating meat as I thought my body was telling me I needed it. LOADS of kebabs later I put on a lot of weight. I entered a depression just last year and was told I was on the verge of […]

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