Plant Based Pizza For a Veg Hating child

Last year my youngest child was curious as to why I don’t eat any animal products, so I found a video aimed at children explaining the meat and dairy industry with a bit about sustainability thrown in. From that point, he decided he was vegetarian. The thing is, he (like a lot of children) doesn’t eat veg. Lately I have been making lots of pizza and try variations of the same sauce but with different vegetables hiding within.

Six Portions of Dough

I almost always follow the recipe from the first Avant-Garde Vegan book for the base and sauce, although I usually add something to it. That could be Paprika, Curry powder or herbs.

Homemade Pizza Sauce

The sauce this time is the normal recipe but I added carrots and mixed peppers, then blended the lot after cooking.

The finished pizza.

I used plant based sausage and burger ‘meat’ for the topping and drizzled tomato sauce across the top. I have also taken up cooking my pizzas on a large tile in the oven. It seems to give a more consistent end result.

I must be improving as it was a success, and he loved it. He has since requested more, and they’ve each been tastier than the last. That may be because I am trying out different stuffed crusts. I may try small snippets of different leaves next.

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