Bargain Starter Panniers at Lidl


For anyone wanting to give cycle touring and camping a go, Lidl has brought back their budget panniers. Coming in 4 different styles (depending what’s in store) and at a reduced price of £9.99 in the UK. My brother and I bought two pairs of the rolltop versions two years ago at £14.99 per pair.



At this price there really is no reason not to try them. We chose the rolltop style as my brother had read they were essentially a direct copy of Ortiebs much more expensive (and probably much longer lasting) panniers



I can’t comment on the three other styles here but ours feature one mesh side pocket, front zippered pocket and a sewn in internal nylon band to hold items separately. There is also a zip at the bottom with an attached rain cover.



My only gripe would be that the parts that clip to the rack are plastic. They’ve worked fine for me so far although I would prefer metal ones. For the price though, I can’t complain. I might actually buy a few more pairs while they are this price. Hmm…

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