Vegan Masala

This has to be my favourite curry to make. My better half loves it and it always goes down well. It’s my version of an egg Masala from the book Easy Curries by Jody Vassallo. Obviously, I don’t use eggs and I replace the coconut milk with a coconut based milk alternative because there’s always some that has to be used in our fridge.


I go by this recipe; for a few minutes fry up 1 onion, a teaspoon of coriander and half a teaspoon of fennel seeds. Then add some garam masala and chilli powder along with some turmeric and a chopped tomato. While that’s simmering I cook some vegan chicken style pieces and add them to the rest of the curry along with approximately 1 cup of milk substitute. Simmer the lot to your preferred thickness and serve with some rice and poppadoms


I didn’t get to enjoy any of this batch as I made too little, but my partner and daughter said it was lovely. Next time!

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