Naturli’ Plant Based Mince

Yesterday I purchased some Naturli’ plant-based mince patties only to be told they had sold out in half a day. I settled on one of the last two packs of mince. Made by the Danish company Naturli’ and sold exclusively through Sainsbury’s in the UK the mince was priced at £3 for 400 grams.


I mixed a handful of the mince with some of the onion, garlic and spices from yesterdays pepper wraps and formed a large 6oz sized pattie. There is still plenty left over as seen in the photo below.

I drizzled a little bit of oil in a pan set on a medium heat and cooked for 6 or 7 minutes each side. Naturli’ says that it could be eaten raw but is recommended cooked, so I wasn’t as hung up on the centre being as well done as I would real meat. The mince shapes, cooks and crumbles like a proper homemade mince burger as opposed to a processed burger. Thankfully it doesn’t bleed like the No Bull Burger.

Set on a hi-bran bun with some curry ketchup beneath, vegan mayo above and topped with a few green pepper slices it was as difficult to eat tidily, as a burger should be.


I have to say it doesn’t really have a meaty taste (or if it did I never noticed) and I was surprised at how moist it is and as it would barbeque fine I’ll definitely be buying this again as soon as needed what with this good weather we’re having.