About myself

Hello. After 18 years of fish being my only animal flesh, I went back to eating meat as I thought my body was telling me I needed it. LOADS of kebabs later I put on a lot of weight. I entered a depression just last year and was told I was on the verge of […]

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The Vegan Cyclist Is Cancelled.

It’ll be working until early 2020, after that it’ll be up for grabs through WordPress. I cannot be bothered with it anymore. Excuse my language but for being called The Vegan Cyclist, there’s been fuck all cycling. Plenty of Vegan food that I got bored of photographing. Little to no engagement from anyone around the […]

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My list for Touring

I’ve settled on splitting my gear list into four categories. I’ll update this post as I remember things. If you notice any glaringly obvious pieces missing please comment. Cycling Bike (obviously) spare tube(s) Spare gear/brake cables puncture kit Front and back lights GPS  Sleeping Tent Mattress Sleeping bag Pillow Light/Torch Extra pegs Eating Stove Gas […]

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